SystemwarePS Awarded Two Patents for Simplifying Automated Testing

Systemware Professional Services, a leading provider of information technology services, today announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has issued the company patents No. 7,958,495 and No. 7,934,127 entitled “Program Test System.” The patents cover software processes allowing non-technical business workers to generate and reuse test cases applying keywords as well as natural language terms. With this capability, SystemwarePS’s Managed Testing Solution (MTS) improves the quality assurance of complex software applications, increases speed to market and reduces costs.

MTS is a cloud-based service that automates the testing of software applications. Using this patented technology, the SystemwarePS solution provides:

  • A simplified test case creation process allowing business users to use keywords and natural language terms
  • Ability for test cases to be generated before the application to be tested is available
  • Ability to generate and reuse test cases over multiple platforms
  • Data substitution for test cases to rapidly adapt to changing data
  • Abstraction to allow use of any third-party or custom software test tools
  • Persistent data handling to allow capture of data generated during test execution for later use
  • Test results, screen captures of the system tested, along with environment and machine variables are saved for later review

“SystemwarePS’s unique, patented design provides a breakthrough in the quality assurance industry,” said Todd Hunter, Executive Vice President of Systemware Professional Services. “The issuance of two patents validates our innovative approach to solving complex testing challenges which help our clients improve the quality of software development.”

Software testing is traditionally done one of two ways. Large teams of testers manually interact with applications to simulate how the software will functionally perform when put into use. The approach is time intensive, dependent on human capital and is often outsourced to overseas resources. The alternative has been to design automation that emulates the manual testing steps and utilize computers instead of human capital to execute test scripts. However the complexity of configuring and maintaining the automation requires highly specialized skills.

The SystemwarePS MTS service delivers all the advantages of test automation without the added complexity. “The opportunity to leverage our patented technology unlocks this capability to help our clients improve software quality, simplify the process and reduce their costs,” said Hunter.